Why you should join an established Pokio Club?

Why you should join an established Pokio Club?

The pokio app is taking the poker world by storm and is growing strong every day with plenty of new players added each day.

How Pokio Works

The Pokio App encourages and allows every player to create their own club and play with their friends. Eventually when the volume justifies, these clubs can join larger groups of clubs, these are called circles. Circles share the player pool of all the clubs associated to them over common tables. Circles usually also run circle wide promotions to attract new players as well as individual club promotions. These tend to be popular as they capitalize on shared revenue across many clubs to attract new players.

Circles are an integral part of why, as a poker player, you should join an established club. We will get to it shortly. The way Pokio rewards its club and circle owners, is by percentages of revenue. Out of the total revenue generated and in order to maintain the MGA license and software related costs Qufan (the company that owns pokio) takes a 20% of the rake at the top. This comes out of the player, club and circle rake share before anyone sees it.

Standalone Clubs

The best option for a regular grinder would be at this stage have a standalone club that isn’t a member of any circle and would just allow for maximum rake rewards to be paid to the players involved. This isn’t always a good option though because it is hard to keep the influx of new fish to these clubs without running promotions and it would be hard for a single club to compete with promotions ran by many when associated in Circles.

Playing in Circles

So, taking this into account, and agreeing that Circles in Pokio are necessary, we need to understand how these work. After Pokio takes its cut, if your club is a member of a circle, the circle will take its share. This can vary a lot based on a series of metrics, one of the most important ones is the club’s performance and influence in the cirlce.

Clubs percentages vary between 70% for the and 8% for the circle. The fluctuation is as you can imagine huge. So you shouldn’t just join any club in the app.

You should do your homework when joining a club that is a member of a circle. For example, they could offer you both the same percentages of rake rewards but at the end, your reward will be very different in a club where the Circle percentage is 10% as it will be in another where the circle percentage is 30%.

Let’s look at a practical example:

You join a club in the Irish Community Circle with a Circle Percentage of 10%

Your friend joins another club in the irish circle but this club has a circle percentage of 30%.

In a given month, you both accrue 500€ in rake. Let’s assume that these clubs pay you 20% rewards on your rake.

500 total rake – Pokio’s 20% = 400€

Total rake after Pokio’s share will be 400€

Friend 1 – Circle 10% = 360€
In this case the player rake will be calculated over 360€ at 20% which equals: 72€

Friend 2 – Circle 30% = 280€
In the case of player 2 the same 20% will be calculated over 280€ which equals: 56€.

At the end of the month then there is a difference of 16€ between these two friends.

This example uses a relatively small value to illustrate the discrepancy between clubs and why a player should always join a club that is established and not go with the latest club because a club owner is offering him/her an extra 5 or 10 euros if they join. At the end of the day, if that club’s revenue from the circle is smaller the player will suffer.

More Advantages

Another advantage of a more established club is the leverage it has with the Pokio organization, some of our recommended club owners have direct channels of communication with Pokio and can usually resolve player issues much quicker than the average joe club owner. The level of in app support is also much better as some employ staff to look after their players.

Find the best Pokio Club

This is one reason why we have created this page, to help. you decide which Pokio Clubs are the ones that give players the best rewards. It doesn’t really matter if, as a poker player, you play once a month or every day, you should always get the most of the club you choose to play at.

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